Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Driediger Farms website launched!

Oh man, it's been a long time and a lot of projects since I've been here.  But forget about those and let's talk about Driediger Farms - the most recent site to go live!

We started out with this design:

It used more red, and less blue than their original site, which is something that they wanted, but tended toward the darker reds for contrast (to make the berries stand out even more).  I increased the use of white-space to add brightness, and left the layout wide and clear so we had more options with regard to content (columns, etc.), and so it would better support the addition of photos.  I increased the font size as well, which was something we'd talked about during our initial meeting.

The header image was a slideshow, the weather information showed the current weather on the farm, and the Facebook button linked to their Facebook page.  There was no Twitter account, but I added the button for good measure - it's easy enough to remove.

Since the original design, Driediger Farms put in a lot time and efford tweaking things, here and there, so that their website would turn out just the way they wanted it.

The reds were made brighter, and more prominent.  They became the colour of each header type, as well as the links.  The header slideshow was usurped by a larger in-page slideshow, and background colours were added to content blocks to make the page more colourful and fill in some of the white-space.
Once they were happy with how it all looked, the website was ready for launch!

So if you happen through Langley this summer, stop by Driediger Farms for some food and some fun!  And if Langley is out of the question, well I guess there's always the website.

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