Sunday, May 9, 2010

Legend Painting

Altered effect's newest website is live, and it is LegendPainting dot com

Legend is a painting company based out of Vancouver (that's a city in British Columbia, Canada, btw) and offers a variety of services, from residential to commercial. 

Along with the design and CMS package - which allows them keep their website fresh and vibrant (painting reference, nbd) with ease - there's the website's header, which is a flash slideshow developed specifically for their design.  

And if they want to add pictures to it?  Man, that's so easy!  We've integrated it right into the CMS.

So, If you're in the market for painters, and located somewhere in the Vancouver area, just remember that you can request a quote directly from their website.  That's pretty cool, I know.  We're basically living in the future. 

Just kidding we're living in the present.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

blog spot?

I made a blog!  Using Blogger?
Now i know what it's like, and how to connect it to a google buzz account!
I've accomplished everything i set out to, when registering this guy - but it's kind of neat.  I kind of like it.  Maybe I will use it a few times, just for fun.

But probably not.