Friday, April 10, 2015

texport — now on Google Play

A while ago a friend was updating his phone, and in the process somehow killed it. He lost everything.

It got me thinking of the all things I have on my phone that I don’t want to lose.

And what it came down to was conversations. Not so much photos. If a photo is good, chances are I've texted it to someone — and if not, it’s sitting there, nestled somewhere amongst the millions of shots in the DCIM directory, mostly of fingertips and unrecognizable blurs. I don't need those.

So I started looking for an app that would backup my conversations.

I wasn't satisfied with what I found. Nothing quite performed the way I wanted, which was no doubt due to the particularity of what I had in mind.
  • I wanted images included in the backup, but didn't want to deal with a bunch of separate files. 
  • I wanted something better formatted than a delimited text file. 
  • I didn't want the conversation sent anywhere or uploaded, just saved as a file on my phone that I could do with as I wished. 

I didn't find anything like that, so I decided to make it.

Introducing texport, now available on Google Play.
Feature requests welcome.

With texport you can easily export 1-to-1 SMS / MMS conversations to HTML or JSON. Including images.

Without ever leaving your phone, you can backup a conversation, zip it, and attach it to an email.

Things you can do with texport:
  • Save all the MMS images in a conversation. 
  • Create a single, easily-transferable (one way) backup of your conversation. 
  • Create an HTML file which you can open on your computer and search through with the browser’s find function. 

What you can’t do with texport:
  • Export Google Hangouts messages. In most cases these are already logged to Gmail. 
  • Export conversations with multiple recipients/senders. (I haven’t actually tested this, I just assume it won’t work properly, as is.) 
  • Import SMS/MMS messages from a texport file back into your phone 

Example output

Get it here:

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